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Become Certified in Neuroscience-based Healthcare

Become part of a community of professionals who are implementing emotional brain training, a brain-based program that enables people to take charge of their responses to the stresses of life, and rewire their brain for optimal well-being. This certification program includes science that will astonish you, clinical skills that will excite you, and small group support that will inspire you.

In just eight months, you will acquire the tools and knowledge to see problems through the lens of brain circuits, set points, emotional tools, and physiologic states. You can begin delivering clinical EBT on the program’s portal and in your on-site private practice.

The time commitment for this certification is low (two hours monthly of small group seminars and five to seven hours monthly of distance learning). Yet this professional training program will reset your clinical practice for the future of healthcare, which will be based on neuroscience.

The Problem:

The shared stress of modern life is impacting our population. We are in an age of "stress diseases" that are caused by the encoding and strengthening of Stress Circuits, wires that block improvements in mood, relationships, productivity, behavior, and health. The science of rewiring these circuits is the most important neuroscience breakthrough of the 21st century, however, our population does not know that Stress Circuits are the problem, nor have the emotional tools to rewire them. Health professionals are not trained in the science and practice of emotional neuroplasticity. As these wires control the chemicals in every cell of our bodies (our entire physiology), training the public in the tools to control these wires is the essence of brain-based healthcare. We need to update the professional training of clinicians to incorporate brain-based healthcare into their practices

The New Science:

Despite remarkable advances in healthcare, the health status of the population is declining, and life expectancy is stalled or shortening. However, we are entering a golden age of neuroplasticity in which we can promote optimal well-being by addressing the modifiable root cause of stress diseases: Stress Circuits.

In 2010, research showed that we could rewire these Stress Circuits, and that without new tools for activating and rewiring these circuits, problems would appear to be resolved, but the circuits that triggered the problems would be reinstated. To optimize health and minimize the overeliance on medications, procedures, and devices, which is not sustainable, our population needs skills in brain-based healthcare and emotional neuroplasticity.

EBT Certification:

This eight-month certification program prepares clinicians to deliver brain-based healthcare. The clinical program requires only two hours of seminar time monthly in which you meet by teleconference with your EBT faculty member from your discipline and five other providers-in-training. Between sessions, view videos and listen to audio programs of clinical sessions. Practice the clinical skill of the month with members of your certification group. Total preparation time: about five to seven hours per month.

In the first two months of certification training, you will master the key concepts of brain-based healthcare. During the next six months, you will learn core clinical skills to deliver weekly 30- and 60-minute telegroups, daily intensives, and one-on-one coaching. After certification, you will be part of a professional community that is delivering the new brain-based healthcare. Continue with your provider group for ongoing clinical updates and support.

Choose your Course Based on your Discipline:

Transition into delivering brain-based healthcare with others who share your professional background. The relationships you establish during certification training will enrich your experience, and you can continue to meet with members of your certification training group through the EBT portal for ongoing clinical and personal support.

  • Certified EBT Therapist Provider – If you hold a PhD or Master's degree and a clinical license in mental health, choose this program. Includes a specialty in emotional and behavioral conditions that are most relevant to your practice.
  • Certified EBT Physician Provider – If you are an MD or DO, choose this program. Includes a focus on the medical conditions that are most relevant to your practice.
  • Certified EBT Nutritionist Provider – If you are a Master’s-prepared nutritionist with a clinical license, certification, or registration, choose this program. Includes a specialty in binge eating disorder, obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and other challenging nutrition-related problems.
  • Certified EBT Coach Provider – If you are Master’s-prepared in a health-related field and have a clinical certification, registration, or license, choose this program. Includes training on treating a broad range of health problems and promoting health and well-being.


Prior to beginning certification training, complete a 30-Day Intensive, either Stress Overload Solution or Stress Eating Solution, to learn the basic tools of the method and determine if certification as an EBT Provider is right for you.

The personal and clinical training work together will enrich your learning. Continue with your personal training by enrolling in a weekly 60-minute telegroup (visit for open groups). Enroll in a clinical certification course (e-mail and request information on upcoming certification courses)

Certification Course 1: Emotional Brain-based Healthcare (two monthly sessions) The first two monthly sessions of certification training focus on emotional neuroplasticity. Meet the first week of each month for two hours by telephone and between sessions watch videos and experience the “EBT Lab” in which you begin applying EBT in role plays with other providers-in-training. A monthly quiz will help you solidify your learning. Group size is limited to six participants for a personalized and rewarding experience. Continue with your group and complete course 2.

Certification Course 2: Clinical EBT (six monthly sessions) The last six monthly meetings focus on learning how to facilitate one-on-one sessions, weekly groups, and daily intensives. The emphasis is on in-depth use of the Cycle Tool for participants whose circuits are strong and dominant. Meet the first week of the month for two hours by telephone to practice clinical skills, and between sessions, continue in the EBT Lab to practice coaching cycles and roleplay challenging encounters. Listen to recordings of clinical sessions and watch essential videos to guide your clinical decisions. Monthly quizzes will help you solidify your clinical practices. During the fifth month of this course, participate as a co-provider in an intensive, enhancing your clinical skills and serving as a practicum for certification as an EBT Provider. During the final month of the course, launch your EBT practice, including establishing your own provider practice page on the EBT Professional Portal and delivering EBT services.


  • Be at the forefront of your discipline for brain-based healthcare.
  • Adapt brain-based healthcare services to meet your professional needs.
  • Establish a clinical practice of brain-based healthcare on the EBT portal.
  • Deliver one-on-one coaching and in-depth, 30- and 60-minute telegroups and 30-day intensives.
  • Receive ongoing support in an EBT provider group.
  • Be part of the professional community of Certified EBT Providers, implementing brain-based healthcare in the United States.
  • Raise your own brain set point for optimal well-being.

Certification Fee Summary

Personal training - A minimum of eight months of advanced weekly telegroup training ($159/month) to complete the seven advanced courses.

Clinical training - Eight months of clinical training to complete Course 1 and Course 2 ($275/month).

Total $3472 ($434/month) for eight months

* Fees for personal training fees vary, depending upon time needed to complete the advanced courses and are subject to change. Maintaining an active certification requires participation in a provider-only telegroup with a monthly fee of $39 for clinical updates and stress resilience support.

Frequently asked Questions

I have colleagues who are interested in certification. Is there an option to create a training group for us? Yes. If you have requests about including one or more of your colleagues in your professional training experience, please contact us.

Can I take breaks from training? Yes. However, all training must be completed within three years of your enrollment in the first certification course. If you do not complete a course, you will be required to start the coursework again. No partial credit is given.

Can I access additional support for this training? If you need more support, it is available through scheduling telecoaching sessions with trainers (coaching fees apply). However, the instructional objectives of the courses are practical and mastery of them is not difficult. Our goal is for all providers-in-training to complete their training in a timely matter and to find the courses life-changing and extremely rewarding.

Is there continuing education credit for certification? In the past, certification training has been approved for EBT courses by various credentialing organizations, including the American Psychological Association, the American Dietetic Association, the California Board of Behavioral Medicine, and the National Board of Certified Counselors. However, Certified EBT Providers practice outside their discipline and licensure, certification, or registration. To reinforce that all providers are practicing outside of their other designations, we do not provide continuing education credit for this training.

Is there advancement in certification? Yes. The EBT professional community is supportive of your success. When you start your practice, once you schedule a telegroup, you will have a private practice landing page. Participants can enroll in your groups and order coaching from that page. You can send prospective participants to that page. As EBT grows and your practice grows, we refer participants to your practice based on your years of certification and other parameters, such as retention and participation. We offer leadership opportunities, from delivering talks on EBT to collaborating in research, and your leadership activities are posted on your private practice page. Additional designations, including Certified EBT Trainer and Certified EBT Master Trainer, as well as faculty member and clinical scholar, are available.

What ongoing training and support in EBT is available? Once you complete certification training, continue with our provider-only telegroups for both clinical updates and personal support. The fees for provider-only telegroups are $39/month. Most providers participate for 30 minutes per week, however a minimum participation of 12 times annually is required to attain active certification for the following calendar year. We provide this continuing support. In response to requests from providers, for accessing a confidential circle of support for using the tools and delivering brain-based healthcare.

What if I decide to stop certification training or active certification? If you stop certification training or do not maintain minimal participation in a provider-only telegroup, you may not represent yourself as a Certified EBT Provider. If you complete the training, but later do not maintain active certification, you may not represent yourself as a Certified EBT Provider. However, you may indicate that you were a Certified EBT Provider and the dates of your active certification.

How do I promote my EBT practice in my community? EBT provides presentations, seminars, and talks for you to use in your community. We encourage you to share EBT with the public, with corporations, and with other clinicians to expand your practice, and to help us meet our mission of bringing these tools to more people.

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