Health Professionals: Become Certified in EBT

EBT is a new resource for health professionals to integrate neuroscience-based training into traditional health care services.

EBT is the missing link in health care that enables you to continue your clinical practice, but deliver four evidence-based elements of care that are typically missing in traditional care: 1) stress resiliency tools; 2) tools for self-directed rewiring of faulty circuits; 3) advanced skills to raise the brain’s set point for secure attachment and natural rewards; and 4) group support with remote-access one-touch access to on-demand peer support.

EBT is compatible with all other interventions, as it decreases physiologic stress to enhance effectiveness of all other preventive and therapeutic treatments. It can be integrated into your clinical practice as follows:

  • Mental health professionals – Deliver psychotherapy to your clients. Enroll them in your EBT practice to promote rapid and lasting change and improved retention.
  • Physicians – Treat your patients with your health care services. Offer participation in your EBT practice as part of their treatment to improve medical care compliance and health outcomes.
  • Other health professionals – Use your discipline-specific treatment (e.g., addiction counseling, nutrition consultation, obesity treatment, physical therapy). Deliver EBT to address the brain-based root cause of the problem, and promote improved outcomes and retention.

As a Certified EBT Provider, you will be part of a professional community that is committed to offering evidence-based training to decrease physiologic stress and stress reactivity and to raise the brain’s set point for lasting improvements in mood, habits, relationships, productivity and health.

What is the Certified EBT Provider experience?

You personalize your practice to meet your needs, including your choice of telegroups, including 30- and 60-minute weekly telegroups and 30-minute daily telegroup intensives for 30 days and coaching, either through your private practice webpage on our website or in your on-site clinical setting.

For services provided on our website, you receive about $100/hour, paid every two weeks, and for services in your own clinic, you determine and are paid based on your own arrangements.

All your patients maintain membership in the EBT Online Community to access peer-to-peer support, evidence-based programs, mobile apps, forum boards and blogs and a community that is using positive emotional plasticity to improve the quality of their lives.

What does EBT provide?

Our state-of-the-art platform, including your private practice page, mobile app, private telephone system, messaging, forum boards and e-learning programs will support your clinical services. EBT provides administration, technical support, and enabling participants to connect privately with other participants to practice the tools.

What fees are involved?

The fee for certification is $275/month for one year (total $3,300) paid monthly by subscription. Personal training fees are extra (approximately $159/month plus the fees for participation in two intensive programs). Begin generating revenue to offset these expenses after as few as four months of professional training.

Maintaining an active certification includes access to a complimentary provider weekly telegroups for continuing personal and clinical support and to keep up with advances in neuroscience and the method. In addition, active certification includes being listed on the EBT website for referrals.

The annual feel for maintaining active certification as an EBT Provider is $195. This fee is waived for providers who delivered 75 or more hours of telegroup services on the EBT website and who participated in 25 or more sessions of their provider telegroup in the previous year.

In addition, continuing education of 10 hours through participation in EBT seminars or annual meetings is required every three years after certification (extra fees apply).

What background and qualities are needed?

  • Master’s degree or above in a health-related field
  • A clinically-based certification, registration, or licensure*
  • Reside in the United States
  • Enthusiastic, warm and comfortable with your emotions
  • Want to learn the method personally and teach from your experiences
  • Want to produce exceptional outcomes and retention
  • Share our vision of raising the set point of the planet, one person at a time.

What are the specifics of certification?

  • Begin delivering services in as few as 4 months.
  • Access comprehensive training and support through our technology portal.
  • Train through convenient distance learning for 1 hour per week teleconference and 3 hours per week of videos and peer-to-peer activities in a small group of providers-in-training.
  • Become fully certified for EBT coaching and group training for emotional behavioral health (The Stress Eating Solution), eating disorders, stress eating and obesity (The Stress Eating Solution) and Advanced EBT in one year.
  • Earn $100/hour for part-time, flexible services that you deliver by telephone from your home or office. Optional: Use the method in your on-site clinical practice and establish your own rates with clients establishing a basic membership in EBT
  • Be part of an enthusiastic group of professionals who are committed to helping people feel better faster, using neuroscience tools.
  • At your own pace, complete the full personal program to learn the program content and experience various teaching styles used by our top EBT Trainers. Receive a 10% discount on your second intensive.

How to get started:

Become a member of the EBT Community.  Begin with a basic online membership to see if EBT feels right to you. Play with the app and watch a few videos to learn more about EBT for a few days or weeks until you are ready to access more support.

When you are ready, join an EBT Intensive, which meets for 30 minutes daily for 30 days.  Choose either the Stress Eating Solution (Joy Intensive) for eating and weight or the Stress Overload Intensive (Power of One Intensive) for mood, relationships, work and habits. Experience the rapid-results and life-changing benefits of EBT.

If you have questions as you get started, contact our Welcome to EBT Coordinator.  Have all your questions answered by emailing Frannie Wilson at

The EBT Certification Program

Personal Training

Certification requires completing the entire program personally. Go at your own pace to complete both intensives and the seven courses to raise your set point. Complete a second intensive (participation in both stress eating and stress overload intensives is required) and all seven advanced EBT courses while participating in a weekly, one-hour telegroup to fulfill your personal training requirement.

Professional Training
Activities: Months 1 - 4

Introductory EBT Certification Teleseminar –   Attend a weekly 60-minute seminar with an EBT Trainer and five other health professionals. Learn the science, theory and practices to deliver a 30-Day Intensive. This small group experiential training is exciting and highly effective. Between sessions for a total of two hours, watch videos, read, and listen to audio programs and practice clinical techniques in your EBT Lab by telephone with another provider-in-training to meet these objectives:

  • Describe the neuroscience rationale for each activity in the 30-Day Challenge
  • Demonstrate Cycle Coaching, Power Grind In Consultation, Guided Visualization
  • Establish an EBT Private Practice Page on our website
  • Deliver a “Family and Friends” 30-Day Intensive to deepen your skills

Activities: Months 5 to 12

Advanced EBT Certification Teleseminar –  Continue with your weekly 60-minute seminar with an EBT Trainer and five other providers in training. Build your EBT clinical practice with the support of your EBT Trainer and other providers-in-training. Prepare by watching videos, reading and listening to audio programs for 2 hours per week. Practice clinical techniques in your EBT Lab by telephone with another provider-in-training to meet these objectives:

  • Describe the neuroscience rationale for each activity the advanced EBT courses
  • Deliver with a co-provider 30-Day Intensives
  • Deliver Master: Advanced Clinical Skills in EBT
  • Build your practice through your EBT Private Practice Page on our website and in your on-site private practice.

What is Advanced Provider Certification?

The strength of the EBT Professional Community lies in advancing your clinical, research and training skills. EBT will support you in being innovative and developing research, education and training projects and recognizing your accomplishments by posting them on your private practice page. This ethic of continuous learning and improvement is one of the benefits of being part of the EBT Professional Community.

Your progress in advancing as an EBT professional is posted on your private practice page and includes years of certification, leadership activities and accomplishments in expanding awareness of EBT.

What is EBT Leadership Certification?

EBT recognizes the accomplishments of exemplary EBT professionals who move into leadership activities.

EBT Certified Trainer

  • A minimum of 4 years of EBT Provider Certification
  • 800 hours of clinical services meeting standards of practice for connections and retention
  • Establish a mentoring practice for Certified EBT Providers
  • Participate in leadership activities in research or education in EBT

*Some providers who have a clinical license, registration or certification but not a Master’s degree have been grandfathered in as a Certified EBT Provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have colleagues who are interested in certification. Is there an option to create a training group for us?

We make every effort to support providers-in-training in enjoying their professional relationships, and if you have requests about including one or more of your colleagues in your professional training experience, please contact us.

How do I use EBT on my onsite private practice?

Refer your clients to your private practice page to enroll in the basic membership (if you are treating them on site in your clinical practice). If you are treating them with telecoaching, weekly telegroups or an intensive, then refer them to your private practice page to sign up for your services.

Treat your psychotherapy, counseling or medical care patients as you normally would. However, by adding the EBT training intervention, they will boost the power of your intervention due to the effectiveness of a social support network, peer-to-peer support, and retain them as they complete the one-year (more, if desired).

Is there continuing education credit for certification and advancement? 

In the past, certification training has been approved by various credentialing organizations, including the American Psychological Association, the American Dietetic Association, the California Board of Behavioral Medicine and the National Board of Certified Counselors. All Certified EBT Providers practice outside their discipline and licensure, certification or registration, as the practice of EBT is a distinct activity. At this time, to reinforce that all providers are practicing outside of their other designations we do not provide continuing education credit for our training.

Can I take breaks from training?  

Yes. However, all training must be completed within three years of your enrollment in the certification program. If you do not complete the course (either introductory or advanced), you will be required to start the course again. No partial credit is given.

What if I decide to stop certification training or active certification? 

If you stop certification training, you may not represent yourself as a Certified EBT Provider. If you complete the training, but later do not maintain an active certification, you may not represent yourself as a Certified EBT Provider, however, you may indicate that you were a Certified EBT Provider and the dates of your active certification.

How do I promote my EBT practice in my community? 

EBT provides presentations, seminars, and talks for you to use in your community. If you develop a new presentation, we ask that you have it reviewed before presenting it and we support you by drawing upon a bank of presentations that other providers have developed and have been reviewed by EBT for consistency of message and scientific basis. We encourage you to share EBT with the public, with corporations, and with other clinicians to expand your practice, advance your certification and help us meet our mission of bringing these tools to more people and, ultimately, raising the set point of the planet.

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