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Become Certified in EBT

We offer two certifications in EBT. One is a Certified EBT Ambassador who introduces EBT to other groups and individuals and the other is a Certified EBT Provider who facilitates groups, intensives, and coaching. We welcome you to consider joining this movement to brain Brain Based Health to the population. Stress reactivity is the modifiable root cause of up to 90 percent of health problems in modern life. This certification will prepare you to be part of the brain-based solution: turning stress reactivity into stress resilience.

There is an urgent need to retrain our health professional workforce for this new paradigm in healthcare:

  • The Problem: An epidemic of stress-induced health problems
  • The Complication: Traditional stress reduction methods have fallen short
  • The Solution: Train exceptional clinicians in Brain Based Health
  • The Goal: Reverse the epidemic of stress-induced health problems

Empower People to Transform their Lives

The New Science of Brain Based Health

A universal way to promote well-being – Brain Based Health trains individuals in the tools to take charge of their self-regulatory circuits in the emotional brain that either promote stress reactivity and health problems or stress resilience and well-being.

These circuits control our: 1) emotions, 2) thoughts, 3) behaviors, 4) rewards, and 5) our entire physiology. Never before has a method codified the tools to self-direct which circuit is activated in the moment, and with repeated use of these tools over time, which circuits become dominant and the brain’s habit (set point). Raising the set point of the brain from reactive to resilient is the most powerful strategy anyone can use to improve their overall health and well-being. There is nothing that compares to having a dominance of resiliency circuits stored in one’s unconscious memory systems of the emotional brain and being activated without our awareness. All we know is that we feel happier, more vibrant, and more in control of the quality of our lives.

This approach is a new paradigm in healthcare. As these wires are biologic, EBT has made the psychological and behavioral biologic. The rewards that are integrated into stress resiliency circuits are of higher purpose (eudonic), in contrast to the rewards that are encoded into stress reactive circuits and are of lower purpose (hedonic). EBT has made human development and our emotional evolution biologic. By establishing a biologic root cause, neural circuitry, and by knowing that these emotional circuits are plastic, we can think about our health and well-being in a new way. We can use emotion regulation techniques to switch off errant circuits, and the focused intensive use of the same techniques to promote positive emotional neuroplasticity, the practice of targeting and rewiring maladaptive circuits. We can see both practices as central to our self-care, a new pathway to optimal health.

Brain-based Skills that Change People’s Lives

Brain Based Health can treat stress effectively – Treating the root cause of health problems effectively requires an intervention that is continuous, as stress circuitry can be activated at any time. This takes a new prevention and treatment model that relies on technology to facilitate continuous access to the effective use the tools, as well as emphasizing peer-to-peer support which enables maximum privacy and convenience through technology.

Professional support can be essential to success in this new paradigm, as the co-regulation with another person and their guidance in using the tools can improve immediate stress resilience and rewiring for lasting effects. This has been demonstrated in research on both psychotherapy and the placebo effect.

As a health professional delivering Brain Based Health, you will provide coaching and group training, and have a suite of exceptional technology features for state-of-the-art services. Our technology portal includes:

  • Resiliency tools with the Brain Based Health App and website
  • Private connectivity (messaging and phone) for peer support
  • Private messaging to the provider and for the group session
  • Online community and e-learning for participants
  • A professional training portal to access scientific articles, videos, and audios
  • A provider portal that organizes groups, coaching, payment, and courses

Your use of this platform will add a new dimension to your professional life. You will be at the forefront of using neuroplasticity to help people become stress resilient and to evolve into self-directing their own neuroplasticity to achieve more control over their health and the quality of their lives.

Integrate EBT into Your Practice

As a Certified EBT Provider, you launch your Brain Based Health practice. You integrate Brain Based Health into your current clinical practice and have the option to establish a private practice in Brain Based Health on our technology platform. You will be able to:

  • Train patients in the science and core concepts of Brain Based Health.
  • Coach patients in mapping their brain circuits, categorizing those circuits, and assessing their set point.
  • Coach patients on the tools of emotion regulation and targeting and rewiring circuits that cause stress symptoms and health problems.
  • Facilitate EBT intensives and weekly group training programs to promote stress resilience and raise the brain’s set point.
  • Use technology to improve the intensity and effectiveness of your services.
  • Develop a rewarding practice of helping people experience emotional resiliency and raise their set point.

A Highly Rewarding Training Experience

Our training program is lively, effective and purpose-driven – This certification program provides you with just the knowledge and skills to transition into using this new paradigm in healthcare. It provides quick access to solid science, with downloadable articles and easy synthesis of the concepts. You'll apply this science immediately in your clinical practice and in role plays in the sessions for a lively and exciting experience. EBT is deep, fascinating, and fun, and so is our training. We take seriously the time you spend in this training and want to be sure that you both master the skills and have a highly rewarding time learning them!

The training includes:

The Science of Brain Based Health – Start by understanding the neurophysiology and neuroplasticity of optimal stress resilience, and reframing health problems based on brain states, stress circuitry, reward states, and the brain’s set point, all of which give us personal control over our physiology. Even if you have extensive knowledge of neuroplasticity and neuroscience, the unique focus in EBT on the neural circuits that determine how we respond to life will be new, elegant, simple, and exciting. It is a new paradigm in healthcare.

EBT Concierge Coaching – You will learn how to deliver a successful, private practice in EBT. Sessions are brief because the tools work rapidly. We can provide meaningful, effective services for patients in half the time of typical counseling sessions. The protocols for coaching sessions have been developed so that patients identify the circuits they want to change and your work deepens the effectiveness of the tools on emotion regulation and neuroplasticity. Coaching is extremely satisfying, and just what the public wants: rapid results that take them from stress to joy.

EBT Group Programs and Intensives –  You will learn how to facilitate group training programs, including weekly programs and 30-day daily intensives. The brain changes based on repetition and emotional intensity. Group training favors both, and the relationships formed in a group create a long-term experience of positive emotional plasticity to raise the brain's set point for lasting resiliency and access to the seven earned rewards of a purposeful life.

After certification, you will be part of the Brain Based Health professional community. All clinicians, researchers, and leaders are dedicated to using the power of emotion regulation and brain plasticity to address the epidemics of stress-induced diseases. They share in the belief that people can change when given the tools and support to take charge of their emotional brains. They are dedicated to empowering people to take charge of their stress and their life through positive emotional plasticity.

We Train Exceptional Clinicians

EBT rewires the emotional brain, which is the seat of the soul and the foundation for loving connection. As a provider, your love for all living beings is essential to becoming a highly effective EBT Provider. However, your credentials and experience will enable you to grasp and apply EBT rapidly. The following credentials are required for certification:

An Experienced, Licensed Health Professional – A psychotherapist, physician, counselor, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, social worker, addiction counselor, and other licensed, certified, or registered health professional, with a master’s or doctoral degree

A Newly-Licensed Health Professionals or Interns – A newly-licensed, certified or registered health professional or an intern with a master’s or doctoral degree. (We recommend completing this certification at your earliest convenience so that you can integrate this science and practice early in your career.)

The Certification Program

Personal Training in Brain Based Health with EBT – Training begins with an immersion program to learn the techniques of EBT personally. Participate in a 30-day intensive, which involves 30 minutes per day of telegroup training plus e-learning to master the fundamental clinical tools of Brain Based Health. Select an emphasis for your certification, either stress overload (emotional and behavioral health) or stress eating (overeating and overweight). If you want to complete both intensives, we recommend taking one at the start of training and another one, for deepening your clinical skills, as you launch your clinical practice.

Providers-in-Training receive a $100 discount for this service for this initial training and for a second intensive when taken within three months of certification. To receive this discount, meet the eligibility criteria above and participate in an informational consultation session (see below). Fee: $599 (regularly $699)

Clinical Training as an EBT Provider – The certification process includes e-learning to support your progress with the science and clinical practice of Brain Based Health and EBT and a practicum to support your success in mastering core clinical skills for coaching and group services. A multiple-choice test will document that you have learned the basic core concepts of Brain Based Health and EBT. The certification training includes:

  • One hour per week for 12 weeks of experiential video conferencing workshops for the core science and clinical skills of Brain Based Health
  • One hour per week for 12 weeks of e-learning provided by nationally-recognized experts in Brain Based Health
  • One copy each of Dr. Mellin’s two new books: The Stress Overload Solution and The Stress Eating Solution
  • Your personalized private practice portal for Brain Based Health
  • Three monthly clinical management video seminars to launch your practice

Participate in at least 10 of the 12 hours of video conferencing training, pass the multiple-choice test, and pass the practicum of conducting a clinical encounter in a challenging role play. For any missed session, view the video of the session and schedule a consultation session (additional fees apply) to practice the clinical skill of the session. If the clinical techniques are challenging for you to master, one-on-one consultation may be required (additional fees apply). The last three weeks of the program focus on taking the multiple-choice test and role-playing difficult patient encounters using the Brain Based Health paradigm and the EBT clinical tools. This offers an exciting and highly effective conclusion to the course with awarding of certification in the last session.

Fee for the complete Certification Program of six months of support and training: $975 ($325 monthly for the first three months of the training program).

Upcoming certification courses:

  • Wednesdays 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time
    Starts: Date: February 5, 2020
    Certification Date: April 22, 2020
  • Fridays 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time
    Starts March 20, 2020
    Certification Date: June 5, 2020

The Ambassador Program

Become a leader in EBT - If you are an educator or clinician who wants to introduce EBT to others and be a leader in the method, consider becoming a Certified EBT Ambassador. Complete one or more EBT intensives, and one four-week telegroup to be comfortable speaking about the method and sharing it with others. Normal fees for the intensives apply. The Ambassador training meets weekly for four weeks ($325).

Get Started: Schedule an Informational Consultation

To learn more about certification, schedule a complimentary informational consultation with EBT Founder, Laurel Mellin, PhD.

After this session, send your resume to to receive access to enrollment in certification training.